Lady Tara Pogue is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  She was reared in Hawaii and traveled extensively with her family before moving to Pensacola in 1992.  Lady Tara faithfully served along side her husband for 18 years. They have three children Delarian IV, Delshawn and Delaria Pogue.

Lady Tara oversees the Women’s Ministry at KHCM known as “Kingdom Jewels”. One of her primary goals is to see women excel in their ministry gifts and through this passion Kingdom Jewels was established.  Empathy, compassion, and a keen ear to hear from God are only a few of the many characteristics of this dynamic woman of God. Lady Tara has a clear understanding of her purpose in Christ and has devoted her energy and talents to service for others.  Hearts of love and passion for the community led Lady Tara and Pastor Pogue to found Harvest Community Outreach Incorporated.  Operating as a 501(3) C non-profit organization, this powerful outreach ministry is committed to building bridges of hope.  Each week the distribution of food and essentials demonstrates outreach in action as well as equipping individuals with valuable life skills.  

On March 11th, 2012 Minister Delarian B. Pogue, III  answered the divine call of God upon his life and was ordained Senior Founding Pastor of Kingdom Harvest Christian Ministries by Apostle Samuel E. Beasley of the F.I.R.M.  In the Fall of 2013 with the divine favor of God, KHCM moved into a permanent church building at 3990 Market St. Pensacola, FL.  Kingdom Harvest Christian Ministries has been richly blessed with a pastor and wife, Lady Tara, to build a loving church with consistent growth and divine favor, with a spirit of excellence. KHCM has been designated as a house of Prayer and worship, with a strong commitment to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the local community. Under the leadership of Pastor Delarian and First Lady Tara, KHCM has operated with a spirit of Excellence in every area of the ministry. Ministries such as, Men of Honor, Men’s Ministry which meets monthly. Also Women’s ministry, Kingdom Jewels, Who’s motto is “Team work makes the dream work”. And other Ministries, such as the Praise Team, Greeters, Hospitality and Security, all of which are filled with members totally committed to serving God’s people. 

Pastor Pogue and Lady Tara

Lady Tara consistently manages every role with excellence. She exemplifies the love of God in all facets of her service and is an inspiration for others to stay kingdom-focused. 

Pastor Delarain B. Pogue, III was called to the Ministry by an appointment from God in 2011. Although not yet ordained, he served as Interim Pastor at Freewill Primitive Baptist Church for eight months.  Furthering his calling and commitment to God, Delarian Pogue was licensed and ordained as a minister of the Gospel in June 2011 by Bernard C. Yates of Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church. While still at Freewill, Pastor Pogue learned quickly the craft of teaching and preaching the word of God. Delarian proved himself to be a faithful leader and pastor. On Nov 11th, 2011 Pastor Pogue and his wife Tara Incorporated Kingdom Harvest Christian Ministries.

Kingdom Harvest Christian Ministries

Pastor Delarian B. Pogue, III & Tara Pogue